Second Joint Coordinating Committee Meeting for J-PRISM II was successfully held at HCC chamber Conference Room, Honiara, Solomon Islands on 28 February 2019.

J-PRISM II is a region-wide project in Pacific Islands targeting “Human and institutional capacity base for sustainable Solid Waste Management (SWM) in the Pacific region is strengthened through implementation of Cleaner Pacific 2025.”

In Solomon Islands, J-PRISM II is implemented by key partners from the MECDM, MHMS and HCC with the goal to strengthen Institutional capacity for SWM at the national and provincial levels. There are 3 major outputs under the project. 

During the Second Joint Coordinating Committee Meeting, Mr. Charles Kelly, City Clerk of Honiara City Council,  was the acting chair and presided over the meeting.

The goal of the JCC meeting was to endorse or agree on any modification of the Project Design Matrix (PDM), Plan of Operation (PO), human resource changes and amongst other discussions. 

Based on the mutual consent of both Solomon side (MECDM, MHMS and HCC) and JICA, progress of the each output were updated during the second Joint Coordinating Committee Meeting for J-PRISM II Project.