Participants with their certificates after the workshop

A two days waste management workshop was conducted in the provincial capital of Central Province, Tulagi on Tuesday 30th July 2019 to Wednesday 31st July 2019. The workshop is facilitated by the Ministry of Environment Climate Change Disaster Management & Meteorology with supporting partners representing the Honiara City Council, Japan International Cooperation Agency through the J-PRISM II Project in collaboration with the Central Islands Provincial Government. The workshop is co-funded by the J-PRISM II Project and the Solomon Islands Government through the Ministry of Environment Climate Change Disaster Management & Meteorology.

The goal of this two days workshop is to enhance knowledge of stakeholder participants from Central Province on waste management techniques and skills with lessons learnt to be shared based on experiences from Honiara and other case studies. During the two days’ workshop, participants from the province have the chance to discuss waste management issues faced in Tulagi and overall in Central Province; identify strategies which will assist in the development of a Waste Management Plan for Tulagi. This is also in line with the current National Waste Management & Pollution Control 2017-2026 to support Provinces and build capacity of provincial stakeholders in proper  waste management.

Mr Manetiva, Premier of Central Islands Province remarked during a courtesy call visit that his Government is serious in going forward on addressing the waste management in the province. In closing the final day of the workshop, Mr Christian Siale, Provincial Secretary of the Central Islands Provincial Government stated , “Waste Management is one of the three areas to be addressed. As a result of the workshop, a working paper for the plan is in progress.” He added that the Province is committed and will allocate budget for areas such as beautification , promotion of composting and will procure required equipment such as loader and highlight the need for an incinerator for Tulagi Hospital.

Follow-up after the workshop, a waste characterization study or waste audit was conducted by the team from Honiara and Central Province in the capital centre in Tulagi. This survey is purposely conducted to gather baseline data which will be important for the province in its planning and decision making on how to manage the waste issues in provincial capital. This workshop training and waste survey is part of the government’s 100days program to improve and build capacity on proper waste management in the country.

Source: ECD Communications,2019

On 15th June 2018, the third workshop was officially held hosted by Ministry of Environment Climate Change Disaster Management and Meteorology and the J-PRISM II Project.

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