National Disaster Management Office

  • Overview
  • Staff Details

The NationalDisaster Management Office(NDMO) is the Secretariat of the National Disaster Council (NDC).


To establish safe sustainable and resilient Solomon island communities.


Provide leadership in the development and maintenance of measures to support communities in reducing their risks and managing the consequences of disasters.


  1. Provide advice to the minister and the council on all matters relating to DRM
  2. Develop policy and provide leadership and advocacy across the DRM sector
  3. Provide planning ,and establish arrangements for DRM at the national level
  4. Coordinate, support and monitor planning and arrangements for DRM at the sector, provincial and community level
  5. Coordinate, and manage the national response to and recovery from  disaster events when they occur
  6. Develop and support public awareness of DRM and their role within it
  7. Engage with partners,NGO’s and civil society to ensure their involvement in DRM is effectively integrated with the arrangements of this pla
  8. Establish and maintain database for DRM information including hazard and vulnerability maps, planning documents and disaster information
  9. Monitor DRM development and activity and report to council.

NDMO Units

  • Operation Unit
    ​These are the functions of the Operations Unit
    • Dissemination of Tsunami Early warning
    • Dissemination of All Hazards precautionary Safety Messages
    • Information collection, Analysis and Dissemination
    • Communication
    • Coordination of Humanitarian Response
    • Resource requesting, dispatching and tracking
    • Alert monitoring and warning monitoring
  • Corporate Service Unit
  • Programs Unit
    These are the functions of the Programs Unit
    • Prepared awareness materials
    • Provide IDM/IDA training for school of nursing
    • Provide disaster risk reduction awareness for communities
    • Liaise with stakeholders in disaster risk reduction Activities
    • Support operation unit in peace time and  during disaster time
  • Logistics Unit
Name: Loti Yates
Position: Director
Phone: (677) 27936
Fax: (677) 27060 / 24292
Name: George Baragamu
Position: Chief National Operations Officer
Phone: (677) 27937
Fax: (677) 27060 / 24292
Name: Alenge Hotoravu
Position: Principal Operation Officer
Fax: (677) 27060 / 24292
Phone: (677) 27937
Name: Paul Hauato
Position: Principal Logistics Officer
Phone: (677) 27937
Name: Presley Aridaru
Position: Principal Accountant Officer
Phone: (677) 27936/27937
Name: Jerry Hagaria
Position: Senior Operations Officer
Phone: (677) 27936/27937
Name: Steven Harry
Position: Senior Warehouse Officer
Phone: (677) 27936/27937
Name: Brian Tom
Position: Principal Programme Officer
Phone: (677) 27937
Name: Keithy Sale
Position: R & D Officer
Phone: (677) 27936/27937
Name: Ruth Timauku
Position: Senior Operation Officer
Phone: (677) 27936/27937
Name: James Tiva
Position: Community Based Disaster Risk
Phone: (677) 27936/27937
Name: Steve Kaihuei Nasiu
Position: Senior Communication Officer
Phone: (677) 27936/27937
Name: Sipuru Rove
Position: Programs Officer
Phone: (677) 27937
Name: Walter Lilo
Position: Disaster Risk Reduction Officer
Phone: (677) 27937
Name: Hampton Pitu
Position: Disaster Information Management Officer
Phone: (677) 27937
Name: George Gulioa
Position: Provincial Disaster Officer - Honiara
Phone: (677) 27937
Name: Herrick Savusi
Position: Provincial Disaster Officer - Guadalcanal
Phone: (677) 27937
Name: Nelson Anaia
Position: Provincial Disaster Officer - Choiseul
Phone: (677) 27937
Name: Silas Arukwai
Position: Provincial Disaster Officer - Western
Phone: (677) 27937
Name: Oliver Hiromana
Position: Provincial Disaster Officer – Isabel
Phone: (677) 27937
Name: Pearson Simi
Position: Provincial Disaster Officer – Malaita
Phone: (677) 27937
Name: George Gulioa
Position: Provincial Disaster Officer – Central
Phone: (677) 27937
Name: George Tego
Position: Provincial Disaster Officer – Temotu
Phone: (677) 27937
Name: McQueen S.B. Sauhonu
Position: Provincial Disaster Officer – Renbel
Phone: (677) 27937
Name: Danny Ruel
Position: Provincial Disaster Officer – Makira
Phone: (677) 27937
Name: Henry Smith Malvi
Position: Registry Clerk
Phone: (677) 27937

Supernumerary Posts

Name: Jonathan Tafiariki
Position: Deputy Director
Phone: (677) 27937
Name: Nene Tunema
Position: Henderson Meteorological Observer
Phone: (677) 27937
Name: Edward Maru
Position: Senior Forecasting Officer
Phone: (677) 27937
Name: Max Norman Sitai
Position: Principal Met Officer
Phone: (677) 27937
Name: Gregory Auwakea
Position: Forecasting Officer
Phone: (677) 27937
Name: George Guiloa
Position: Provincial Desk Coordinator
Phone: (677) 27937