SBD2.8 Million seawall project at Tuagi underway

The Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology (MECDM) has been facilitating a proposed sea wall project at Tulagi, Central Province.

Nelson Henry Sara said the proposed sea wall project is financed by the World Bank under the Community Resilience to Climate Change and Disaster Risk Project (CRISP).

Mr Sara CRISP National Engineer said, under the MECDM, Tulagi sea wall project is a major project financed under CRISP and is aimed at assisting those communities who are vulnerable to climate change and Nofokava construction group has been contracted to undertake the project.

Mr Sara said the construction work has already started and is progressing smoothly as the main structure have already been erected below the sea level and precast has already been installed.

“For this project, we originally planned on a sheet pilling-structure, but it didn’t actually happen because it was quite expensive and then equipment’s to carry over to Tulagi were not affordable so that’s why we cnstructed a precast concrete-wall structure instead,” said Sara.

“This project has started since last October and was expected to be finished last month of June but since the elections took place in April, the ministry had to extend the time from July to September by which the project should be completed,” Mr Sara said.

Nofokava Construction Group Manager Eddie Walton also spoke of great significance this project could bring not only to Tulaghi town but to residents all through the station.

“My team consists of eight men, and we’re happy to undertake this project. As you would understands erecting a sea wall is not an easy task and we have encountered some difficulties especially when the sea wall is being erected from beneath the water and not on a dry area. The task is rather challenging as we continue to move bit by bit every day, especially laying of the steel rods at the foundation level. The wall is expected to stretch 240 metres long and the height 3 metres from sea level,” Mr Sara explained.

“Despite the challenges we have managed to completer the first phase of the project which is précising and we are now working on the second part which is cementing and pouring of cement,” he said.

The wall is being erected just outside Tulagi town, from the Tulagi market to the provincial rest house right in front of the Charles Woodward sports field.  According to the MOU the total cost of the project is around SBD $2.8 million.