SOLOMON ISLANDS BROADCASTING CORPORATION - The Solomon Islands Meteorological Services is in Lata, Temotu Province conducting Metrological Observer training.

Solomon Sammy, one of the MET trainers reports from Lata this morning.

“We’ve conducted a Meteorological Observer training here in Lata following a competency assessment we’ve conducted in 2013 required under the International Civil Aviation and the World Meteorological Organisation that meteorological officers must be competent in their job to supply weather information to the Aviation Weather Service and also to the public as well for peoples’ safety.”

He adds, MET officers stationed in other provinces have benefited from the training.

“We have also covered other stations like Tingoa in Rennell and also Taro in Choiseul, Auki in Malaita as well as Munda in the Western province, so Lata is the final place we came to conduct this refresher training.”