Donor Organization: Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Exeuctive & Partner Organization: 

  • Executive: MECDM/ MFMR 


The RETA will seek to build an effective climate change adaptation response for the coastal ecosystems and the people that rely on these. The approach taken builds on the findings and lessons learned from previous climate change programs and specifically climate change adaptation initiatives. A major imperative of the RETA is to ensure that climate change is mainstreamed into the wider coastal management framework. The mainstreaming of climate change adaptation seeks to ‘climate proof” the outcomes of integrated coastal zone management. In the Solomons, this focused in on 'mainstreaming' climate change within the aquaculture sector, particularly with the aquaculture work of WorldFish Solomon Islands office.


  • Malaita: Mararo - East Areare
  • Isabel: Haevo - Maringe

Time Frame: 2012-2015

Total Cost/Budget: US$18.5 million

Status: Ongoing

Sector: Marine and Coastal Fisheries

Expected Outputs/Outcomes: 

Mainstreaming of climate change adaptation responses for the integrated coastal marine ecosystems

Contact Person(s):

  • Agnetha Vave-Karamui, (Chief Conservation Officer), Environment & Conservation Division, (677) 26036

National Climate Change Policy: N/A

Amount of Project Budget Spent to Date: N/A

Percentage of Project Budget Spent to Date: N/A