Donor Organization: GEF

Exeuctive & Partner Organization: 

  • MECDM and relevent government Ministries and Agencies
  • Partners: All in-country Climate Change Stakeholders


Baseline for climate change adaptation work in Solomon Islands. Develops a countrywide program that encompasses immediate and urgent adaptation activities that address current and anticipated adverse effects of climate change, including extreme events. Provides a framework  to guide coordination through a participatory approach and building synergies with other relevant environmental and related programs, and develop a specific priority program of action for adaptation to climate change.

Aim: To reduce country's vulnerability to climate change. 

Location: Solomon Islands

Time Frame: 2 years (2007-2008)

Total Cost/Budget: USD$200,000.00

Status: Implementation

Sector: Governance and Planning

Expected Outputs/Outcomes: 

  1. Development of the National Climate Change Policy. 

Contact Person(s):

  • Douglas Yee (Director), Climate Change Division (MECDM), Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

National Climate Change Policy: N/A

Amount of Project Budget Spent to Date: N/A

Percentage of Project Budget Spent to Date: N/A