Donor Organization: Japanese Government

Exeuctive & Partner Organization: 

  • Executive: MEMRE, Energy Divison
  • Partners: PIF, Japan and Foreign Affairs


The main objective of this project is to provide solar electricity in the rural areas. With the provision of electricity in rural areas  identified as a key national priority, the Government of Solomon Islands selected Inter Action Corporation (IAC) of Japan as the main implementing agency for this project entitled ' Rural Electrification via Solar Home Systems in the Solomon Islands. IAC and MMERE agreed to a large scale Solar Home System (SHS) project through which

Location: Marovo ( Western), Choiseul (Ward 7), Central, Guadalcanal, Isabel, North Malaita , Temotu and Makira

Time Frame: 2013 - 2014

Total Cost/Budget: USD $4 million

Status: Implemented

Sector: Energy

Expected Outputs/Outcomes: 

  1. Installation of 2000 solar panels in homes across the  provinces.
  2. Use of Renewable energy as part of the mitigation process. 

Contact Person(s):

  •  Gabriel Aimaea, Deputy Director, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , MEMRE

National Climate Change Policy: N/A

Amount of Project Budget Spent to Date: N/A

Percentage of Project Budget Spent to Date: N/A