Corporate Services Division

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The Corporate Services Division (CSD) of the Ministry of Environment (MECDM) consists of Administration, on one part, and Finance and Accounts, on the other hand. One of the important roles of the Corporate Service is to support the Technical Divisions (other MECDM Divisions) achieve their work programs, as they perform duties required of them by laws they administer and deliver goods and services expected of them by the Government and people of Solomon Islands.


The Administration Section of CSD is headed by the Human Resource Manager (HRM) and consists of other officials.

Finance and Accounts

The Finance and Accounts component of the CSD, on the other hand, is led by the Financial Controller (FC) and consists of other officials.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Corporate Service roles include but are not limited to:

  • Oversee compliance with international treaties and conventions, including regional agreements
  • Oversee linkages with the implementation of relevant parts of Government’s national development strategy, medium term development plan, and other inter- and intra- Ministry plan
  • Develop and implement a human resources development plan
  • Coordinate a performance management system for the Ministry
  • Develop a relationship management policy to manage relations with all stakeholders including the Minister, other Government Ministries, donors, NGOs, targeted geographical communities (including a community engagement policy) and the general public
  • Review contracts policy to counter conflicts of interest
  • Develop an ethics policy for managers and staff within the Ministry, in addition, to the public service standards applicable to all civil servants
  • Implement Financial Management Act requirements
  • Maintaining financial records, budgets, preparing financial reports 
  • Management of funds allocated to the Ministry from Government/Ministry of Finance 
  • Develop project management capacity within the Ministry 
  • Develop and implement a coordinated approach to seek funding assistance for the Ministry’s programs 
    • Ensure that funding is available on time
  • Put in place a good system to manage donor funding and related obligations
  • Design and establish an appropriate information management system for the Ministry covering management information, Human Resource information and finance-related information 
  • Deal with Human Resource issues of the Ministry
Name: Allan Rangi
Position: Human Resource Manager
Phone: (677) 23031/23032 ext: 201
Name: Lizzie Selo
Position: Chief Administration Officer 
Phone: (677) 23031/23032 ext: 202
Name: Ruth Nalangu
Position: Principal Administration Officer
Phone: (677) 23031/23032 ext: 202
Name: Mary Manisi
Position: Registry Clerk
Phone: (677) 23031/23032 ext: 202
Name: Wesley Manechonia
Position: Administration Assistant
Phone: (677) 23031/23032 ext: 202
Name: Alley Orelly
Position: Front Desk Officer
Phone: (677) 23031/23032
Name: Andy Belo
Position: Driver
Phone: (677) 23031/23032
Name: Eileen Taka
Position: Office Cleaner
Phone: (677) 23031/23032