1. Food Industries including fruit processing, bottling & canning
  2. Iron and Steel Industries
  3. Non-Metallic Industries including lime production, brick & tile manufacture, extraction of minerals & mining, extraction of aggregates stones/ shingles, radio-active related industries, manufacture of cement
  4. Leather, Paper, Textile and Wood Industries including leather tanning & processing, textile industry with dying facilities, carpet industry with chemical dying, manufacture of paper, pulp & other wood products.
  5. Fishing ,Marine Product Industries
  6. Forestry Industry including logging operation, saw milling, all forms of timber processing & treatment.
  7. Chemical Industry including pesticide production & use, pharmaceutical production, fertilizer manufacture & use, oil refineries.
  8. Tourism Industry including hotels, golf courses, recreational parks, tourism resorts or estates.
  9. Agriculture Industry including livestock development, agricultural development schemes, irrigation & water sup-ply schemes
  10. Public Works Sector including landfills, infrastructure developments, major waste disposal plants, soil erosion& siltation control, hydropower schemes, reservoir & airport developments, waste management, drainage & disposal systems; dredging, watershed management, ports & harbours
  11. Other Industrial estates, Housing, Settlements, Resettlement, Petroleum product storage & processing works.