SOLOMON ISLANDS BROADCASTING CORPORATION - An activity to clean up the Mataniko river is organised by the Environment Ministry tomorrow.

The activity is part of celebrations marking World Environment Day, Oceans Day and Coral Triangle Initiative Day organised by the Environment Division of the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology.

Debra Potakana Senior Environment Officer of the Environment Ministry explains the program.

“This is an activity that’s part of the World Environment Day, World Oceans Day and Coral Triangle Day and also one of its objectives is to support the Mataniko clean up program.”

She adds a canoe race activity will then be held along the Mataniko river.

“So after the river clean up we will organise a canoe race and we have allocated four canoes for this with two people for each canoe so we would like us to appreciate the river as we clean it and that we can also use it for recreational purposes and seeing that we have won the bid for the Pacific Games we think it would be good to start promoting the river after the clean up so that games can also be held in the river.”