The EU-PacTVET project that is jointly implemented by USP and SPC. As you may know, the project is aiming to build a regional cohort of certified Trainers and Assessors of the Resilience certificate qualifications developed through the project (Project overview is attached).

The first cohort training on Training and Assessment (or ToT) was completed on 4th May in which most of you on this email listing will have been enrolled.

We wish to now to make a call for applications for the first ever CERTIFICATE IV IN RESILIENCE PROGRAMME to again be offered by cohort basis through Pacific TAFE.  The project has about 20 PLACES AVAILABLE to support tuition for Fiji-based students and tuition & accommodation & travel for regional students for the face to face session in Fiji .

Priority will be given first and foremost to those that have recently completed the Certificate IV in Training & Assessment.

The programme comprises 4 courses which will be run according to the following schedule:

    1. CER41:  Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment
      Cohort Basis at Selected Campuses - JUNE 18TH - JULY 6TH for 3 weeks
    2. CER 42:  Institutional Frameworks in Resilience Cohort
      Basis at Selected Campuses - JULY 9TH - JULY 27TH for 3 weeks
    3. CER 43:  Cost Benefit Analysis in Resilience Cohort
      Basis at Selected Campuses - JULY 30TH - AUGUST 24TH for 4 weeks
    4. CER 44:  Workplace Communications - AUGUST 27TH - SEPTEMBER 21ST for 4 weeks
  2. 1 WEEK BREAK to prepare for F2F assessments - SEPTEMBER 24TH – 28TH.
  3. F2F assessments in Fiji: OCT 01 - OCT 05

More information on the courses including eligibility requirements are attached. Additionally students that enrol for this programme MUST NOT be currently registered in another USP programme, and MUST NOT have any current holds with USP Finance.


If you are interested, please complete the attached application form - would appreciate receiving all applications by 30th MAY, 2018 to enable time for processing of applications.

PacTVET Brochure
Certificates III & IV in Resilience - Program Info
Cert IV Resilience Poster
Application for Admission_Undergraduate Programme