Donor Organization: GEF LCDF

Exeuctive & Partner Organization: 

  • Executing Organisation: MMERE - Water Resources Division
  • Partners: UNDP, MHMS, RWSS and MECDM 


This is an intervention to address water sector vulnerabilities as identified by the Solomon Islands National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA). This project will focus on three components including; Water sector climate change adaptation (WS-CCA) Plans in the context f intergrated water resource management (IWRM); implementation of WS-CCA plans; and CCA oriented governance in the water sector. Currently this project is implementing its Project Planning Grant (PPG) phase to finalise a full sized project document for submission to GEF LCDF by end of 2013.

Objective: To improve the resilience of water resources to the impacts of climate change in order to improve health, saniation and quality of life and sustain livelihoods in targeted vulnerable areas. 


  • Taro (Choiseul Province)
  • Gizo (Western Province)
  • Santa Catalina( Makira/Ulawa Province)
  • Manaoba & Tarutoona  (Malaita Province)
  • Tingoa( Rennell and Bellona Province)
  • Reef Islands (Temotu Province)

Time Frame: 2013 - Preparatory Phase 2014- 2018 - Implementation phase. Inception Workshop will be on carried on July 2014

Total Cost/Budget: 2013 - Preparatory Stage SDB $150 million 2014- 2018 - USD$6.85 million at (USB$12 million/year for 4 years)

Status: Planning/Preliminary Stage

Sector: Water

Expected Outputs/Outcomes:

  1. Water Sector Climate Change Adaptation Response Plan formulated, integrated and mainstreamed in the water sector -related in broader policy and development framework.
  2. Increased reliability and improved quality of water supply in targeted areas.
  3. Investment in cost effective and adaptive water management interventions and technology transfer.
  4. Improved governance and knowledge management for CCA in the water sector at the local and national level.

Contact Person(s):

  • Joanne Pita Aihunu (Climate Change Policy Specialist), UNDP Office, (677) 27446/22747 ext 212

National Climate Change Policy: N/A

Amount of Project Budget Spent to Date: N/A

Percentage of Project Budget Spent to Date: N/A