Donor Organization: Japan International Cooperation Agency ( Japanese Government)

Exeuctive & Partner Organization: 

  • Executive: MECDM
  • Partners: Ministry of Health & Medical Services, Honiara City Council, Gizo Town Council and Western Provincial Government.


The objective of J-PRISM is to develop/increase the capacity of the counterparts and the recipient countries as a whole through implementing priority action listed in the Regional Solid Waste Management Strategy 2010- 2015 inorder to respond any issues/challenges and provide better solid waste management. Therefore, any input provided by JPRISM must contribute to increasing the capacity. Inorder to achieve the project goals, JPRISM encourage and promotes initiative of counterparts with the assistance of JICA experts and experienced local expert/counterparts who have already acquire their knowledge and skills through JICA's previous cooperation

Location: Honiara City and Gizo Town

Time Frame: 2011 - 2016

Total Cost/Budget: US $11 million ( over 5 years covering 9 Pacific Island Countries ) 

Status: Completed in March 2016 

Sector: Waste Management

Expected Outputs/Outcomes: 

  1. 3R Activities are practiced in Honiara and Gizo
  2. Waste Disposal System is improved in Honiara and Gizo
  3. Lessons and Experiences Learnt are disseminated in Solomon Islands 

Contact Person(s):

  • Dr.Melchior Mataki ( Permanent Secretary ) , Project Director, MECDM Office Phone ( 677) 23031
  • Rosemary Apa (Chief Enviroment Officer), Project Manager,  ECD Office Phone: (677) 26036