Donor Organization: USAID 

Exeuctive & Partner Organization: MECDM, MID, MHMS


USAID C-CAP aims to improve existing infrastructures in communities to be resilient to withstand the impacts of climate change eg:cyclone,storm surge,sea level rise events.The project will only be working with 10 different communities not only on improving existing infrastructures but as well as educating local people on climate change,impacts to their community for adaptation purposes at community level.

Location: Malaita

Time Frame: 2014-2017

Total Cost/Budget: Implementation-50-65,000 US per community

Status: Planning/Preliminary Stage

Sector: Infrastructure

Expected Outputs/Outcomes: 

  1. Baseline survey
  2. Awareness & education
  3. Improving of prioritized infrastructure

Contact Person(s):

  • Vivolyn Stanley, USAID C-CAP, Country Mobilizer, USPSI, (677) 21307 ext 216

National Climate Change Policy: N/A

Percentage of Project Implemented: 0-25%

Amount of Project Budget Spent to Date: $50,000 - 65,000USD per community during implementation

Percentage of Project Budget Spent to Date: N/A