Project Description: 

PACWASTE ( Pacific Hazardous Waste) is a four year EU funded project implemented by SPREP purposely to improve regional hazardous waste management across the Pacific in the priority areas of asbestos , healthcare waste , E-Waste and integrated atoll solid waste management. There are a total of  15 participating countries under the PACWASTE Project .

Under the project, it aims to strengthen regional collaboration and information sharing by establishing a recycler's network as well as national coordination committee for each type of wastes. To ensure that best-practices is maintained, SPREP will provide additional assistance to Pacific Island Governments in the development of national waste management policies and frameworks to support new and existing regulatory systems.  

Target Key Result Areas:

Over the project's period, PACWASTE  will contribute to building a healthy, economically and environmentally sustainable Pacific for future generations. The project aims to support the efforts of Pacific Island Countries and territories to adopt cost-effective and self-sustaining priority waste  management systems under the four key result areas:

Area 1: Assessment and prioritization of Pacific hazardous waste status and management options.

Area 2: Implementation of best available practizes in priority hazardous waste management in demonstration countries and integrated waste management in atoll countries

Area 3: Enhanced capacity and appropriate policies and regulatory frameworks in place to mitigate and better manage hazardous waste streams achieved in Pacific Island Countries

Area 4: Improved regional collaboration and information exchange on hazardous and atoll waste management practices. 

Project Location: Honiara, Gizo, Auki, Kirakira and Munda 

Current Projects: Installation and Commissioning of 5 health-care waste incinerators for 5 hospitals in the country ( National Referral Hospital, Kilu'ufi Hospital, Helena Goldie Hospital, Kirakira Hospital and Gizo Hospital). 

Another project on Used-Lead Acid Batteries collection is currently implemented by Sol Power Solomon Islands Ltd ( SPSIL) based in Honiara to recover the household solar batteries that was set up under the Rural Electrification Project under MMERE in the provinces. 

Contact Person: 

Rosemary Apa, Chief Environment Officer ( PACWASTE Focal Point), ECD Office, telephone: 26036