Canoe Race competition during World Environment Day celebrations, June 5 2016

 Lead Implementing Agency: MECDM

Key Partners:  

MECDM, Honiara City Council, Solomon Waters , Live & Learn Environmental Education, Ministry of Health & Medical                            Services, Ministry of Lands Housing & Survey, Ministry of Infrastructure & Development, Guadalcanal Province, Ministry of                           Mines Energy & Rural Electrification, Chinese Association, Solomon Islands Locally Managed Marine Protected Areas (                                   SILMMA), JICA, Ministry of Culture & Tourism, Other stakeholders, Schools, Communities and Churches around the                                       catchment area


Dumping waste at Mataniko river is a problem Honiara City is facing. It is beyond the powers of the HCC since river catchment area extends beyond HCC jurisdiction. Therefore MECDM is taking this issue on board as a national priority project.The overall goal of this program is to address some of the bad practises on  handling wastes in our surrounding environment or catchment areas in Mataniko. These problems will be addressed through implementing some practises to control our waste including waste management practises like use of proper waste bins , anti-littering and waste minimization activities such as recycling, composting and removal of the accumulated waste in the river. Another issue is to improve the sanitation within the Mataniko Catchment. 

The main objectives of the project includes;

(1) Baseline Surveys

(2) Awareness Raising , Education & Training

(3) Waste Minimization through 3R Activities (e.g. Composting, Recycling, Reuse )

(4) Removal of Excessive wastes accumulated in the river ( Clean Up/Dredging)

(5) Law Enforcement 

(6) Sewage and Sanitation

Location: Honiara and Guadalcanal Province ( includes whole catchment of the Mataniko River) 

Time Frame: February 2014 - 2020

Total Cost/Budget: Allocation approximately SBD 500,000-SBD 1.5M ( not fixed  ) 

Status: Ongoing

Sector: Waste Management

Expected Project Activities/Outputs: The key project activities or outputs includes: 

1. Awareness, Education & Training: Media Awareness and promotion of Clean Mataniko Environment; Community Workshops and Trainings; Engaging Community Women and Youths to conduct awareness to the communities within the catchment of the Mataniko River.

2. Waste Minimization: Promote Home Composting through Awareness & Training; Awareness on 3R's to the communities ( 3R's stands for Reduce, Reuse ,Recycle of waste ).

3. Remove Accumulated waste from the River bed and banks (Clean up/Dredging): Signing contract with a contractor winning bid to clean the Mataniko River; Dredging of the Mataniko River bed; Engage Community Women and youths to do clean up along the river bank. 

4. Enforcement: Relevant national and council laws are enforce along the program area; for example litter law, pollution control under Environment Act. 

5. Sewage and Sanitation: Support improvement of sanitation facilities; Awareness raising on sanitation issues.


Project Organizational Framework

Mataniko Project Organizational Framework


Expected Outcomes/Results/Impacts:

The program will achieve a clean Mataniko River compare to the current status of the river. The program will provide necessary equipment for waste minimization at the household level within the River catchment to support the 3R's initiative. The program will provide workshops and trainings for the people within the communities on how to minimize waste at the household level.  

The program expects to address all of its objectives to ensure a cleaner and healthier Mataniko River ( including discharge of pollutant to the environment, transporting, collecting, storage and disposal of waste and promoting applying 3Rs in economically values). The program will have direct impact on Tourism Industry and this will gain recognition in the region for the Government's effort to restore the river thus drawing more visitors to the country. 

The communities along the Mataniko River and at the Mataniko river coastline ( river mouth) will directly benefit from this program since the quality of the river will improve compare to its current status. The program will directly improve the Mataniko Water quality thus; reduce the risks to the environment and health of the public of Honiara. 

Honiara City Council will benefit from this program since the amount of waste discharge by the river into their area of responsibility will be lessened by the program. 

Communities that are within the area under Guadalcanal Province jurisdiction will improve on their waste management as part of this program. It will change the attitude of people or citizens within town as they take ownership of the project to maintain the cleanliness of the river in the future. 

The program will be a benefit for the Government under the Ministry of Environment Climate Change Disaster Management and Meteorology  to meet its target by 2020 Solomon Islands should be able to achieve a clean healthy environment with safe and improved economic development. 

Contact Person(s): Debra Potakana (Chief Enviroment Officer), National Project Coordinator at MEDCM Office Phone : (677) 26036